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ISTEP Tanzania – My learning Started when I met Katie and Kellie on 07/07/2017 and headed to NSCC ICT CAMPUS where we visited the Campus as the part of Orientation and had a short briefing with Lisa Boyle on Course layout specifically for Adult Learning to be conducted at NSCC TRURO CAMPUS starting on 10th July, 2017.

What went well more especially on Adult learning Course is that, I Managed to learn about BOPPPS used in Training Process.

After the Adult learning session we had a debriefing on 14th July 2017 and we gathered for group round table discussion on several questions with different input from other members of the Course.

On 17th July 2017,  we had  Workshop on Managing respectful Workplace conducted by Crystal Tylor(Director of, NSCC Office of Diversity and Inclusion).

Mean time we learned on Diversity and inclusion as well, it took place at the very same date. But, before that on way we managed to visit Halifax Citadel National Historical Site where we saw a Camp that used in those days during Colonial invasion by British troops and the Site has unique memory where it Transform the History telling to the Adult and Young Generation by very experienced Guides who share Critically involving well detailed in all content of the Site.

On 18/07/2017 we visited NSCC Waterfront Campus, NSCC Akerly Campus and Alderney Gate Library in Darmouth, We learned diversity on NSCC Colleges ranging to thirteen Centres which are very unique in learning Environment that consider environment Sustainability  i.e. NSCC Water front Campus on Solar Power , Wall Garden, and In house Fish Keeping. On same date we had a very fantastic Barbeque at  Senobe Aquatic Club. We met project members such as Tony, Wendy, Andrea and few more.

 What I was more interested is that, i had been visiting Nscc  Arkeley  Curinary center where I saw a Class for Beverage Mixology, we also visited in the Campus  Pastry department, Bakery and Gardening area in a place. I was amused by well-structured Lecture Hall and best Training tools in classes and Workshops.

 I didn't find anything that  wasn’t well in a trip, we visited Lunerburg, Black Loyalist  and South shore Public Library  as well Peggy Cove, these places are magnificent and elegant with  experience that I will share with Trainees and my fellow Teachers back home at Veta Mikumi.

I recommend this program to keep handy as it give enough motivation. I have travelled all the way from Mikumi Tanzania to Halifax.

My wishes cannot explain my gratitude, it is positive experience in my entire life.

Thank you all the project stake holder Mr. Ayo, Mrs Katie, Mrs Kellie, Mr.Saronga and all the Staff members at Veta Mikumi and all Nscc Management team.I do have special thanks to CCEDP participants And  Facilitator Mr.Dave.

Juma Stephen Halembwe

Food & Beverage Tutor

Mikumi Vocational Training Centre





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