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Doing Business in Europe Summer Program in the Netherlands – I've always dreampt of travel, why should we die where we were born? My name is Kailin LeBlanc and I arrived home on Saturday night from the best trip of my life! I spent almost a month in the beautiful city of Groningen, Netherlands, where I attended the 3 week Intercultural Communications course at Hanze University of Applied Sciences. I not only got to experience University life in a dorm, have the opportunity to be taught from numerous European professors, meet life long friends from all over the world, but to be able to end my college career with yet another amazing course. 

The Doing Business in Europe course has shaped me and helped me grow in many ways as a business woman/student, my NSCC portfolio, my resume, and of course the burning passion I have for International work. After a month full of business excursions and working with multinational corporations…my highlight of the trip would definitely be when my group won the Dragon's Den Pitch. One of our assignments we were given was to prepare a marketing plan to help the crew at Philips recruit young shavers. Out of 9 groups, only 3 could move on to the final round where they would pitch their idea to the executives at Philips Headquarters in Amsterdam! My group was able to move not only to the final round, but also came back home with the winning title! I am incredibly thankful to be able to wear that winning title proud for NSCC, and to carry a legacy as a recent NSCC graduate.

Kailin LeBlanc

Business Administration

NSCC Cumberland Campus

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