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CEDP Grenada 2015 – Travelling has always been an important part of my life. Growing up I learned to respect cultural diversity and other aspects that come with travelling, for example culture shock, acceptance of others, and embracing not only myself but other cultures as well. The past 6 days I have been not only on the island of spice (Grenada) but find myself immersing within this country and what amazing opportunities it has to offer. I have travelled with four other Nova Scotia Community College students and three faculty members as a participant in the 2015 Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program, encountering such amazing experiences and adventures I could have never imagined before.

There has been so much offered to us interviewing local musicians, home remedies naturalist, sight-seeing and collaborating with our team, however, what stands out to me the most is our counterparts, the T.A Marryshow Community College (Grenadian college) and the Grenadian students and faculty. As my team walked into the classroom for the first time I couldn't have imagined what they were thinking nor what they were expecting (as most of the students were voluntold). As the day progressed and we learned more about Grenadian History as well as them learning in exchange about Nova Scotia, we did icebreakers and created bonds with the students fast. Continuing since day one, we now meet every morning with our Grenadian team members and have got to learn that they're all in all just like us to taking the same program and classes, to being crazy and spontaneous, to singing music with us and teaching us to dance, etc. I feel this is the best way I could have ever embraced in their culture and I'm extremely thankful that it happened to me. With each day that passes we continue to grow stronger relationships and pick up where we left off the previous day. Doing work in Grenada wouldn't be the same without our counterparts and it makes it easier to allow clear communication while interviewing and capturing memorable moments we spend with them. This weekend we are heading to Carriacou (the sister island of Grenada) to continue with our interviewing process and documentation but also to get to expand our journey with alongside our T.A Marryshow partners. Week 1 has been a great success and I look forward to what week 2 has in store for us.

Kailin LeBlanc

Business Administration Student

NSCC Amherst, Cumberland Campus

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