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Hi everyone, this is my first time in Canada and I can't believe it. I never expect to come here to study what I lov, Culinary Arts. Been an internacional student at the NSCC makes me feel so happy,I am learning a lot, more than I expected, the courses, the chefs, the people, my friends, all this is amazing. At this point of my experience I am completly sure I really don't want to go back. Canada teach me a lot about respect, humanity, dedication, passion. Everyday I can see thru my day how polite are the people and I love it, I always thought if you are walking next to somebody why not say hello. I am almost done with my program and I an so glad to be here; but also, I am glad to go back to my country with all this new stuff that I learned and put it on practise, change my world, teach the others and live better. And just to finish, if one day you got the opportunity to come to Canada and live this experience,  don't hesitate, say yes to it!.

Karina Cueva Castañeda

PERU-Culinary Arts-Akerly Campus

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