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Oh Canada, you have been amazing. 

Every journey changes you and you bring with it something for a lifetime.  At NSCC, amongst the hundreds of people here everybody represents a place, a culture, a country and a story.  The culture is very welcoming; even if you’re away from home it makes it less lonely because of the genuine kindness of the people.  At the Ivany campus, seeing the flag of the Philippines with all the rest of the flags gives me the sense of belongingness, and I have to say that the view at the waterfront is simply incredible!

With my stay here, I have met people (faculty & students) whose stories make an impact and really influence my life. NSCC isn’t just about learning a course of study, there is a lot more than that.  What I see and learn from my instructors go beyond the four corners of the classroom.  Learning how to really live, to be present at the moment and strive to just be a better person, be it academic, professional and my personal life as well. 

I am also part of the International Student Ambassador Program and the ambassador role allows me to view things in a different perspective.  It helps me in being more open-minded, creative, task driven and most importantly to be able to serve & contribute to others.  I began as a supporter and now have a role as a coordinator at NSCC International for this program.  Being involved in this team has opened up great opportunities for me.   Had I not joined?  Campus life would have been too ordinary.  It gave me a spark and more reason to try and see up to what extent can I do things to lead change in my life and to others.  And the best thing of all, going on events the program organizes is a great chance to travel around Nova Scotia and get to know the province, for FREE!  It has been an awesome ride, thanks to NSCC!

Karina Hilario

Business Administration

Ivany Campus

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