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Entrepreneurship Summer Program in Scotland – This is a once in a lifetime experience that I am so overjoyed to have been chosen to take part in. I am so fortunate to be here with two of my dear friends and have the chance to share this experience with each of them. As we are not yet finished of our first week of a two-week program I cannot share my full experience but we have done plenty so far.

This program brought together people from all over the world, Canada (Toronto & Nova Scotia), The United States of America, Germany and we got to share in the experience with 25 Chinese students here in a different program as well. For the welcome dinner we were told to mix ourselves up. At my table were Amanda, Maddie and myself from NS and then three students from China. We had the honour of showing them how to use forks and knives for the first time. They were very interested in learning about Canada and how similar it is to Scotland while sharing their excitement to visit someday.

So far we have taken a tour of Old Aberdeen and explored a lot of the rest of the city as well. We have experienced a traditional English Strawberry tea, taken a harbor tour, visited Fyvie Castle, as well as visited the Glen Garioch (Glen Gear-E) Distillery. We have taken a few classes that the Robert Gordon University, but these will become more frequent next week while we are staying at The Burn. My most memorable experience so far is the day we spent in Edinburgh. I saw the castle from a far, laid eyes on the birthplace of Harry Potter, and wandered museums along with the streets admiring the architecture. I climbed the Calton Hill where you could see the entire city, as it shows in my picture.

I will be taking International Business at the Truro Campus in September and believe this trip has helped me build a bridge with many people across many cultural backgrounds. Learning the differences and similarities between our countries and building relationships that may benefit us in our future endeavors.

This trip has taught me to become more social and to get out of my comfort zone. I am not a drinker but took part in the Whisky tasting and had a drink out with friends. A Lesson to take away from this so far, no matter what language someone speaks; you can still connect with them.

Kayla Beck

International business

NSCC Truro Campus


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