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Happiness Project in Tanzania – One thing that really hit me in Tanzania is how much person-to-person connection there is. In Canada, a first world country we are on technology all the time. From the morning, we wake up we check our phones then go to school or work and stare at a screen all day, go home and watch T.V. or content on our phones or laptops.

Even when our bus got stuck on the side of the road everyone came together, didn’t matter if they knew each other or not; you could really feel the sense of community. I think first world countries need to take a lesson to learn what community and human interaction is about.  

This trip opened my eyes so much, starting with getting better at building communication skills and getting to know people on a more personal level. I have learned things about myself and will continue to grow from this amazing experience. 

Kayla Cassidy

Student, Business Administration

NSCC, Ivany Campus

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