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Good Day Everybody  from the International Service Learning Program In Belize. We are having such a great learning experience here in Punta Gorda, Toledo District. This week my group and I have been assigned to 3 different Schools where we are provinding the students with health education. The Education Ministry identified to us the need for health promotion around the topics of Hand Washing, Oral Hygiene, and clean Bathroom facilities. We have been teaching the students the importance of hand washing, oral hygine, clean bathrooms and how to prevent the spread of germs. Having had the opportunity to go into the schools and assess the facilities they have it was very evident the need for education. It's evident that the children are aware of the importance for proper hygine and clean bathroom facilities. The issue lies with the students not having the resources to properly carry out the task of proper hygine and sanitation. Using the resources they have available we created a teaching plan that meets their needs in the best sanitary way possible. Being in Belize I have gained the picture of what real poverty looks like. Back home in Canada we have poverty but it's a different kind of poverty. In Canada we have social programs to help meet the needs of Canadians while in Belize they do not have the opportunities that we have in the developed world.

    Having gained the opportunity to participate in this service learning program is providing me with experience in health promotion. Its teaching me how to work and  interact with different cultures while being sensitive to cultural norms. International service learning allows me to expand on my skill set through portfolio development. I'm very excited for next week to gain an opportunity to work with Hillside Health Healthcare International. Where I will be working in their clinic as a nurse and going out on the mobile clinic to the Villages of the Toledo district.

You Outta Belize it,

Keith Torrey

Licensed Practical Nursing Student

Strait Area Campus

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