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NSCC in Tanzania May 2016 – It's like going to visit a close relative. The friendships created between NSCC and the Vocational Educational Training Authority in Mikumi Tanzania (VETA Mikumi) are close, productive and real. NSCC has been partnering with VETA Mikumi since 2009 and now the partnership is growing with new student programs and a new capacity building project.

NSCC will be working with VETA Mikumi on the development of an eco-tourism stream of their tour guiding program. In May a group from both institutions conducted a labor market study on the need for eco and cultural tourism in Tanzania and the employment opportunities available for a VETA graduate with these skills. Tony Dorrian (NSCC Burridge Faculty), Katie Orr (Director, NSCC International), Andrea Stewart (Director, NSCC Library Services) and I spent two weeks with our long time friends from Mikumi travelling throughout Tanzania leading these activities (along with other important work on the various projects NSCC has on the go in Tanzania). The results were positive, eco and cultural tourism is a product Tanzania needs to develop and VETA Mikumi will be a leader in giving future tour guides the skills to match this demand.

As the sun beats down on us throughout our time in Tanzania, we of course can't forget about this year's solar water project with NSCC engineering technology students and faculty (11 of them in total) working with new Tanzanian friends from various prorams at VETA Mikumi to implement a solar-powered aeration system to help soften the water on the campus. Now i'm not even close to a technologist but my understanding is that the water needs to be soften to stop scaling effects on the plumbing system and also allow for a future project on solar powered water heating.

When the sun sets, the work doesn't stop. Conversations about culture, food, technology and much more are had between these new and old friends into the wee hours of the night.

Saying goodbye is always hard (but not as hard as the water apparently). I know we will be back and the successful work between these two institutions will continue to grow into the future.

Kellie McMullin

International Learning Associate

NSCC International

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