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International Tourism in Ireland – Today we departed Killarney and made our way to Kilkenny.  Along the way we stopped in a couple of spots.  The first place we stopped was the Blarney Castle.  Before my trip whenever I thought of Ireland kissing the Blarney Stone was always one of the first things that came to my mind so I was happy that today I finally got to experience it.  We arrived at the park and we were able to take a self-guided tour through the park.  We found some really awesome caves that were really creepy and we got some amazing pictures.  After we explored the caves a bit we made our way into the castle and climbed some winding stairs up to the top of the castle to where you get to kiss the Blarney stone.  Legend has it that kissing the stone will give you the gift of eloquence, otherwise known as the gift of gab.  I’m happy I am finally able to cross this off my list.

After exploring the rest of the castle and the grounds we hopped back on the bus and headed toward the Rock of Cashel.  Everyone was really groggy and sleepy from the long drive on the bus so we were a little slow moving when we got there.  We had a chance to explore the street a little bit before starting our guided tour of the castle.  The tour was very interesting and our tour guide told us all about the history of the place.  It is a really important site because it was there that St. Patrick converted the local high king to Christianity.  The site included a statue called St. Patrick’s Cross, and we were told that if you are able to fit your arms all the way around and touch your fingers to the other side you are blessed with good teeth for the rest of your life.  I attempted it but my arms weren’t long enough and I couldn’t reach.  I better keep up my regular oral hygiene since I couldn’t get my arms around the cross.

After finishing at the Rock of Cashel we jumped back on the bus and drove to our hostel.  It definitely isn’t quite the same as all of the other accommodations we have stayed at, but all of the Kingstec girls are all in the same room so it should be a fun night tonight.

During this trip I have learned so much already.  I have been exposed to a new culture and new traditions.  Being exposed to new ways of thinking and being in new places really helps me to grow as a person and will help me in my career to be adaptable in every situation that I may come across.

Kelly Harbers

Tourism Management Student

NSCC Kingstec Campus

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