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Go Learn Grow!  That is the mantra for NSCC International 2018 programming and I could not agree more.  As project lead for the Mikumi Solar Water Project, I saw first-hand the growth benefits for students participating in international projects.  Initially, students seemed a little pensive in their roles but as they started to apply their knowledge, you could see their confidence grow.  Creative problem solving was another source of strength that was clearly demonstrated by each member of the team during the course of the project.  The most significant growth was in the role of mentor to the students of Veta Mikumi. 

When our students took the time to teach and share their knowledge that was the moment when they had developed the most confidence in their abilities.  The power of this experience will be a huge benefit as they start their careers.

Working on the project for the second year, I did not anticipate the learning I was going to experience as project lead.   Learning about self-reliance in difficult situations as well as the support that my team members gave me is something I will cherish.  Also, the power of cooperation between countries, colleges, and students to come together to solve problems is very inspiring and serves as a model for us all. Finally, most of all I learned so much about Tanzanian customs than I ever thought possible.  Kwaheri na assante Mikumi!

Ken Bryden
Environmental Engineering Technology Faculty
NSCC Ivany Campus

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