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Good day everyone, my name is Kevin Ritchen and I am a national of the Federation of St. Kitts And Nevis, two islands in the Caribbean. I am studying Culinary Management at the NSCC Akerley Campus and upon hearing the news that I will be travelling to Canada and NSCC to further my studies, I was overfilled with joy and excitement……and let me say now, I have not been disappointed since my flight landed. I was able to experience the friendliness of everyone I came in contact with and the AMAZING views.
            My time here at NSCC have been amazing thus far and am excited for the second semester, the classrooms are well equipped and the kitchen labs have every equipment known to man, I have learned so much new techniques and terms that, I am eagerly looking forward to going out in the workforce to display my skills.
            The best part of my journey thus far is the friends I have made, not just Canadians, but Koreans, Chinese, friends from Peru, and also friends from other Caribbean Islands that made me feel as if I was at home, and also my Homestay family. I came here to study Culinary Management, but I have learned much more than just cooking. Thank you, Ashley Pinsent-Tobin.
            P.S…. I saw and felt snow for the first time, and it was AMAZINGGGG!!!!!!!

Kevin Ritchen
Culinary Management
Akerley Campus

Saint Kitts and Nevis

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