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I must say that NSCC is a very comfortable and resourceful educational institution.   I really enjoy the new style of teaching. Amazingly, the Lecturers have a way of making learning so exciting and getting everyone involved. In just three weeks, I've already been to four interesting excursions, familiar to no other.


My favorite excursion was when we went on a winery tour to Benjamin's Bridge and then to the Gaspereau vineyards. I enjoyed this tour a lot because this was my first time participating in a winery tour. The divine wines are unforgettable, simply because I never tasted that much wine in one day in my entire life. I even came across my new favorite wine 'Nova 7'. This wine taste so good it cannot be refused. Moreover, I'm hoping to participate in another winery tour before my year ends.

With sharing this brief summary of some of my experiences, I will be thrilled to share with you more amazing experiences that awaits me. Thus far, I really enjoyed my first month in Canada and I can't wait for Halloween which I never experienced before.

Keyana Alfred

Tourism Management,  Akerley Campus

International Exchange Student, Dominica State College (Dominica)


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