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Entrepreneurship Summer School in Scotland – I’ve just returned from one of my favourite trips, struggling to put into words what an incredible two weeks I’ve just had. 

The Entrepreneurial Summer School in Aberdeen Scotland was much less about business than it was about learning to work with others, specifically those who come from different backgrounds (or countries!).  We were treated to Scottish history, some amazing travel experiences and did a bit of schooling along the way.  There were 6 participants from NSCC, 8 from Humber College in Toronto and 16 students from a German University.

Without writing pages and pages, I’d have to say that my favourite experience was just being able to meet the German students and really get to know them.  They taught us a lot about their culture, and we were able to teach them a few things, as well as assist them with their English (which was mostly as good as any native English speaker).  We may have picked up a German word or two also. 

The week we spent at The Burn – a stately home, similar to that from the show Downton Abbey – was especially wonderful to be able to spend time as a group.

Another favourite moment was during our free weekend.  Myself and 4 of the others from NSCC decided to visit the Scottish Highlands, and booked a 12 hour bus tour through the Isle of Skye and area.  We were a bit worried before hand, but it was worth every penny and every minute of our time!  If you ever find yourself in Scotland, seek out WOW! Scotland Tours and tell Gordon the Nova Scotian’s sent you 🙂

While I didn’t come away from the experience feeling like I gained much in the way of booksmarts, I certainly came away with a more open mind, more confidence in my public speaking and wonderful experience learning how to work in a group with people from different cultures and finding common ground to achieve a goal. 

This experience would be ideal for anyone with limited, or no travel experience, as Scotland was not a huge departure from Nova Scotia.  I have a fairly extensive travel history, and was still able to learn a lot about being in a new place and travelling.

I’m heartbroken I’ve graduated, and will not be able to participate in another NSCC International experience…. if you’re able, please take advantage.  It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will not regret!

Kristy Taylor

Business Administration Student

NSCC Kingstec Campus

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