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Mikumi Solar Project 2015 – I am having such a great time taking part in this amazing experience here in Tanzania, Africa. I am one of nine students and faculty from Nova Scotia Community College working alongside students and faculty from the Mikumi Vocational Training Center to install a solar powered water pumping system on the college campuss. Our team is working exceptionally well together to progress the project each day and I am confident that we will continue to overcome any issues that arise. We are learning new concepts each day due to the variety of skills required for this type of installation.

The students we are working with are well educated in their fields of electrical, mechanical, and fitter mechanics thanks to terrific teachers at the college. Students began asking questions immediately after seeing the equipment proving just how enthusiastic they are to learn about the system.

All of the students can speak some English but many have issues understanding technical terms. It is an amazing feeling to teach something to the students and have them explain concepts to each other in terms that are better understood. We are all learning to speak common Swahili words and sayings with the help of the students and many incredible people at the college.

 The community here is extremely friendly and we have met many truly amazing people. I have learned so much about the people already and this knowledge only drives me to want more cultural experience and further my education on an international level. I believe that being a part of this project has better prepared me for a career in the electrical field and I am looking forward to finding a career path that suits my interests. I know I will remember this experience for the rest of my life and I am excited to be part of projects like this in the future.

Kyle Murphy

Electrical Engineering Technology Student

NSCC Waterfront Campus

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