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Spanish and Service Learning Program in Ecuador – You are probably reading this because you want to know what I have learned so far in Ecuador.  Every day I learn something new about the beautiful country of Ecuador and its culture, but I have also been learning about myself.  The most important thing that I have learned about since this journey began is something we all have within us, but that we take for granted: the ability to step away from our box of normality and do something exciting and new.  The box is not bad, it’s safe, but it’s necessary to go outside of it and bring something interesting and fun back to it. Take advantage of all the time you have by taking a risk, going outside, exploring and you will appreciate your time inside the box more.  Take it from me, I never thought I would do something like learn a new language or volunteer in a country that wasn't my own, and all it took was the will to do it and some hard work. All these things I get to bring back with me and grow from this experience will only make everything in my life bigger and better, including the box.

So if you are thinking about doing something, do it.  Do not wait for the “right” time.  You will have no cause for regrets if you do not wait to do the things you dream of.

Don’t wait, go now, no regrets!


Kyle Oickle

CAD Technician – Mechanical

NSCC Lunenburg Campus

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