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Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program – Our selected students from NSCC Campuses and TAMCC have been busy gathering documentation that will be archived for future generations to come. We are at the eve of their presentation, putting power point presentations together and rounding up last minute touch ups.

In my opinion, this has been a great example of a living document that assists each student in making choices and decisions, it helps to set goals and achievements. Our students participated in a number of important interviews that included and not limited to dance, festival events as Jab-Jab, Short Knee, food industry and service and much more. These events directly contributed to building the foundation for each student’s historical entrepreneurial research that will be archived for future research for groups to come.

The success of developing this project was made possible by joint involvement of many key aspects; such as:

  • Coordination by NSCC International and TAMCC
  •  NSCC pre-departure assignment
  • Faculty, Deans and Managers from both institutions
  • The individual person responsible for his/her own learning – the Student…

When one stops and thinks of success, one can get really involved in many aspects of this project.  Particularly, our TAMCC and NSCC managers, faculty, student, and interviewees their words and pictures that brought light to our success.  These are archival “markers”,   benchmarks that can be measured and can be attributed to all whom have made a contribution towards the overall success.  These are also the hallmarks of the consistency and certainty that each task undertaken was met with pride and accomplishment, and a particularly high standard.

I am extremely honored and proud to have been part of such a teaching and learning experience.

Another highlight, during this project was made possible by one of our NSCC student by the name of Laura MacNeil > Arrangements were made to go to a catholic girl’s school in the city of St George the capital to drop off over 200 comic books. We all took part in this event, it was a very moving. We have a great team of NSCC students with us. We are doing so much wonderful work in every sense of the word.

A little word for future potential students and faculty. This type of education is not possible in a class room setting. Take your time and enjoy reading our blogs and view some great photos. Visit NSCC International web sites. You will never know what it feels like until you experience it. We are the Alumni of NSCC international.


Larry Bergeron

Faculty, Boulanger and Baking Arts

NSCC Akerley Campus

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