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As an international Exchange Student at the Waterfront Campus, I have been blessed to meet new friends off and on campus, explore a new culture, learn the history of Nova Scotia and the struggles they have faced in life. The importance of their past was told and shown to me by a family I met attending the Citadel Remembrance Day. There I discovered their battles for the freedom we both share today. Their strength feeds and encourages me to go forth with determination and succeed to better help others who too may have struggles. In this mini business venture my group & I decided to use desserts from countries around the world and I was able to see by their choices of a plate with each displayed dessert over the separate ones their acceptance of diversity in the forms of people, culture, education and desserts. I am grateful for this opportunity to attend NSCC and feel a part of this unique community.

Laura Walton

Business Administration, Waterfront Campus

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