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Laura’s Blog #2Grenada

Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program – The overall work that was accomplished by all of us students in only two weeks really has impressed me. Conducting that many interviews and collecting all that footage in various formats is really amazing. This archive we have created is something not only the students benefit from but also the beautiful country of Grenada.

At the end of this final week each group presented their footage, business plan and case studies for potential entrepreneurial endeavors – everyone did an amazing job during the presentations. The TAMCC students started the day by singing a song about Grenada and playing the guitar. It’s always nice to have a bit of music infused while learning something. We also had an awesome mini jam session at the end of the day/presentations with drums, guitar, and everyone singing. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone we met and worked with over the last two weeks, they did an amazing job of hosting us and teaching us so much about Grenada, their food, and culture. 

Although I had such a great time with all the students from TAMCC, I would have to say my favorite experience was with a few students from St. Louis Roman Catholic Girl’s School. One of the TAMCC faculty, Ms. Louisa, helped organize our trip to the girl’s school and had a few come out of class for a few minutes for us to make a presentation to them of free comic books. Before leaving on for Grenada I asked the help of my local comic book store, Strange Adventures, to set some kid’s comics aside. Calum Johnson, the owner, set aside over 150 comics for me to take. I was ecstatic with the amazing response from the kids, they were so happy when receiving the comics, it was an amazing feeling. I’m glad the other NSCC students, Campbell, Anton and Sam helped me hand them out while Hailey got some great footage of it all. It was a great way to end the afternoon.

All in all this whole trip was amazing, I would love to work with NSCC International further by encouraging students to take advantage of this opportunity or even helping new students selected prepare for the trip next year. This program really is an amazing thing both for learning so much in such a short period of time to general life skills that would only be made possible by having the opportunity to travel.

Laura MacNeil

Student Business Administration

NSCC Waterfront Campus

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