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Cultural Entrepreneurship and Documentation Program – This has been a week of firsts. Being my first international trip I was both very nervous and very excited. My mentality going on this trip was to try everything at least once and keep an open mind. Obviously I had some preconceptions as to what this trip would be like but I have been thrilled and impressed way beyond my expectations.

Just during this first week here in Grenada I have tried many foods for the first time including flying fish, swordfish, roti, breadfruit, plantains, breadnuts, pure chocolate, rum punch, wax apples, and a new favorite of mine coco tea. Some of these I loved, but some were nice to at least try. I especially love all the fresh bananas here. It seems a bit odd when comparing how food actually looks to our modified versions back home in Nova Scotia.

Beyond the food experience it was amazing to meet and work with the students from TAMCC, Tanisha, Simone, Gyvon, Kareem, Rocky, and Shennel. After being introduced to them I was very impressed with how much they were aware of in regards to the traditions being lost and the gaps in the market for business opportunities. There was also a sense of worry about the loss of the Grenadian identity due to the youth dropping their own mannerisms, accents, and traditions to pick up on those from other islands in the Caribbean and how they can change things to rekindle that history. It was interesting to hear their opinions about their own country and to explain how things were in Nova Scotia/Canada. I really enjoyed having mini interviews in small groups because we all opened up and really got to know one another even if it did seem a bit reserved and awkward at first. Throughout our time just in the classroom it felt like all of us students learned a lot from one another.

Before coming to Grenada I was worried that with the amount of work to be done that we would be stuck in our hotel or a classroom the entire two weeks doing work and not enjoying the beautiful island but it worked out great having interviews all over the island. We had the opportunity to visit beautiful sites, interview interesting people, watch masqueraders perform and travel the whole island in just one week. With the awesome work and scheduling from our own faculty, Zoran, Janet and Larry, Ms. Louisa and Dr. Phillips we accomplished a lot of work already and still have a whole week to go but this first week has been phenomenal – something I don’t ever want to forget.

Next week should be interesting – a bit more intense in the classroom but overall should be very cool to go over all our footage. I am also looking forward to going to an elementary school to hand out free comics and see all the little ones be happy about free art and stories. Hopefully all of us students can be there to witness it because it would be a very cool experience to share with my new friends.

Laura MacNeil

Student, Business Administration

NSCC Waterfront Campus

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