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Leave for Change 2014

Since 2009, NSCC and Uniterra have sponsored fifteen NSCC employees to undertake a variety of international short-term placements overseas with the goal of skill-sharing and capacity building; to the benefit of both the volunteer and the host agency. NSCC employees have volunteered in a number of countries over the past four years, Ghana, Vietnam, Malawi, Burkina Faso and Nepal.


  • Short-term (4 week) international placement (volunteer) opportunities for NSCC employees sponsored by Organizational Learning.
  • A component of Uniterra, an important Canadian international volunteer programme.
  • Open to employees of Canadian partner organizations who agree to sponsor a number of their employees' participation. NSCC has been a sponsoring partner since 2009.
  • Aims to build capacity by matching the needs of partners in develping countries with the skills of our Canadian partners, so as to build capacity at both ends.
  • Travel, local transportation and accommodation costs covered by Uniterra and NSCC.
  • Selected volunteers must take part in a mandatory 2-day pre-departure training.
  • For more information on L4C and available postings, please consult the Uniterra website (www.uniterra.ca), under "leave for change".
  • For more information on NSCC's participation visit the L4C sharepoint site.

Where: Various locations around the world

When: Summer 2014

Application Deadline: February 10, 2014. For more information including the application form visit the L4C sharepoint site.

Questions? Contact Bobbi Dunham in Organizational Learning.


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