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It was almost 4:30 pm and I had to start cooking the delicious "Seco con tacu tacu" (one of the most traditional Peruvian dishes) for the dinner with the international students. Fortunately, I could finish it on time. About 6:30 pm a friend and I arrived to the place where the dinner was going to be. When we arrived our friends were already there and we could see on the table many dishes from different countries such as Brazil, Dominican Republic, Japan, Canada and Peru. As soon as we arrived everybody started to eat, it was a great dinner, I have to say.

After we finished the meal, each person showed videos about traditional things of each country, as a good Peruvians, we showed them videos about "Marinera" and "Festejo" (traditional dances from Peru).

When we started to talk about the reasons we were in Canada, I realized I were surrounded by people that had arrived to this country with the desire of learn more about another culture, grow as a person and enjoy of a lifetime experience. I could see that all of us had left our families and friends in order to take a step further in our fields and our life.

I remember that night with some glasses of wine, lowlights and a guitar, all of us were sharing traditions, we were laughing, we were singing, all of us were a family.

That night the food was as awesome as the company.



Leonardo Roman Carbajal

International Exchange Student, Peru

Culinary Arts – Akerley Campus









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