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Doing Business in Europe Summer Program in the Netherlands – Having the opportunity to travel abroad with NSCC International is an incredible experience. One year ago if someone had told me I would be travelling to the Netherlands to attend school for three weeks I would not have believed them. I decided to apply for this program because I was not sure what direction to take with my management concentration, and I also have done very little travelling outside of Canada. Once I applied for this trip I became very excited and nervous, and unsure if I would succeed. While I waited to find out if I was accepted, I realized how much I wanted to study abroad.
Now four months after being accepted, I am here in the Netherlands attending Hanze University in Groningen. It is a beautiful place and full of students. It is important to be comfortable on a bike because the majority of transportation is done through cycling. There are bikes everywhere! I have been here for one week already and have done more biking here than I've done in eight years. The school is only a ten minute bike ride from the residents I am staying in, and the city centre is less than 15 minutes. Not only is the school a great place to learn about different cultures and international communication, so is the residence. It is filled with international students. This is the most diversity I have experienced in one place and it is fascinating. 
The classes I am taking are really opening up my view about Europe and the world. Spending time in a different culture and learning their customs first hand is inspiring. Everyone is here to learn and get the most out of their time in Groningen. This experience has allowed me to see many more possibilities in the future that involve travelling or working abroad. I highly suggest taking advantage of the international programs at NSCC! 
Lilith Power-Lush
Business Administration Student (Management Concentration) 
NSCC Waterfront Campus

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