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My time here has been a unique experience overall. Most of my memories here will be have been part of the Ambassadors program as a supporter. They have open the doors to me to different activities to do and be involved with other international students, allowing us to learn about Canadian Culture and have fun while doing so.

Well, the many thank you’s and you’re welcomes that I received and said were certainly a whole new costume to get used to. As well as realizing that every car in the streets was actually waiting for me to cross. At some point I started to question my logic, wishing I had one of those How to…for dummies. Thankfully all it took was two almost strangers exchange a big bag of bread in the bus to just go along with this good Canadian vibe. I was so hype that I tried shouting my stop to the bus driver. For embarrassing myself my motto is go big or go home. Now that I didn’t have anything to lose I asked him about the transport system. All in all it was a valuable experience. I’d like to tell the time I took the wrong ferry and ended up thinking that I could go back through the highway, but I need to count my words, so that’s it for now.

What I learned in general was to be proactive in my decisions to make the best of different scenarios. That’s what I believe moved me to go through ups and downs here. Simpler said than done, but does the trick.

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