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The Happiness Project in Tanzania – In May of 2022 myself and 14 other students and 4 faculty members from 6 NSCC campuses travelled to Veta Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (VHTTI) in Tanzania. When we stepped off the plane at Kilimanjaro International Airport we were greeted with friendly faces and open arms. Once we arrived at the VHTTI campus we were given another warm welcome that consisted of song and dance. Over the next two weeks myself and my travel companions got to experience so much of what Tanzania has to offer, we made long lasting friendships with one another and the students and staff from VHTTI, we participated in a variety of cultural excursions, travelled to local businesses that are owned and operated by women in the community, and participated in mini ventures with the other students there. Leaving Tanzania after only two short weeks was difficult. I already miss so much of what I got to experience every day as well as the friendships I made there. I would recommend this trip to anyone considering travelling abroad with NSCC International and hope I can travel to Tanzania again soon.

Lydia MacNeil 
Business Administration – Management Concentration Student

NSCC Ivany Campus 

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