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Leave for Change in Vietnam – My three week mandate entailed working as a Scientific Research Specialist for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Tra Vinh University. I delivered four workshops: Research Methodology, Searching the Scientific Literature and Citation of References, Writing Research Proposals, and Publishing Medical Research. Additionally, I created a legacy component – a resource library of research strategies and tools that will support the Faculty of Medicine to carry out their research projects after I leave. I also assisted several TVU Faculty in their current research projects.

It was a busy mandate but very rewarding both professionally and personally. Professionally, I obtained: improved communication skills; strengthened skills in my area of practice; increased ability to work with participants whose language is not English (I now have greater empathy for my own international students). I also enhanced my soft skills – flexibility, adapting to change, working independently, working effectively with people with different learning styles, and working under time pressures with limited resources.

Personally, I gained a greater understanding of another culture, increased personal independence, and have more gratitude for what I have – my family and friends, my education, my job, and my home.

Lyn Cleveland

Faculty, Medical Office Assistant

NSCC, IT Campus

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