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Being an exchange student at NSCC has been a wonderful experience and I have definitely become more independent as a result of this opportunity. When I first arrived I missed home terribly and it all was just the nervousness of to being in a new place as well as being on my own for the first time. My homesickness didn't last for long and I think that that had everything to do with how polite, kind and helpful Canadians are. The weather has been a big adjustment, coming from the Cayman Islands where it is hot year round is definitely different from having to deal with the colder temperatures here in Canada.                 On my way to the bus stop on orientation day, I had the pleasure of seeing a couple deer which was quite cool because I'd never seen one the close before. I also love the beautiful views that I have from most of the classrooms at the Waterfront campus, it is definitely a plus. Overall it has been a lovely experience learning in a different culture and creating friendships with people from all over the world.

Mariah Freeman

Business Administration Student – Waterfront Campus

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