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Mabuhay! I’m Mark Mortel from the Philippines and currently taking Occupational Health and Safety here in NSCC IT Campus.  Allow me to share with you my wonderful experiences so far as an international student in NSCC and my life here in Canada.

To make myself familiar with the cultural differences and to become more adaptable, I actively joined events as an International Student Ambassador. Coming here alone was never easy and NSCC International helped me to settle and adjust to my new environment. The activities enhanced my skills from planning, organizing and promoting student engagement to bridge the cultural gap and get involved in the community by doing volunteer works.

I have learned to trust the process that adapting to one’s culture takes time and requires a deeper understanding. Integrating into a new culture and feeling comfortable with it is not always easy but overcoming these changes had inspired me to have an open mindset which makes a big difference on how I view things.

Moreover, I have learned that being an international student and an Ambassador in NSCC is a great opportunity that needs not to be wasted. The program encourages everyone to take part in various events that make every students feel empowered and welcomed. In this way, international students become more confident and competent in dealing with people from different backgrounds and cultures.   To sum it all up, NSCC is a great institution that carries programs to help foreign students learn more and enrich oneself.

Mark Mortel

Occupational Health and Safety, NSCC

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