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International Leadership Forum – It was with great anticipation that I began my journey to NSCC for the second time.  I had such an enriching experience last year at the Truro campus, pursuing two of the CCEPD courses, that I was confident that our Leadership Forum would be nothing less.

But what I experienced far outweighed my expectations.  Here we were, a network of leaders from Vietnam, Tanzania, Belize, Grenada, and Canada (representing three continents), sharing leadership success and challenge stories, learning from each other, and exploring the concept of Strengths-based Leadership.

How much we actually learnt would only be manifested with time.   Our appetites were teased.  The learning was not constrained to the four days, as even now I find myself smiling at the realization of a leadership concept as it unfolds.

Congratulations must be extended to Claudine for the innovative way that the forum was organised and conducted.  From the décor of the room, to the varied learning activities, the little surprises that always awaited us, the visits to the different campuses (the site-seeing along the way – especially the coffee break at Mahone Bay), her ability to improvise and know just what to do to make the exercise so much more meaningful, you will always be cherished. 

To the co-facilitators and hosts (Katie, Michelle, Craig, Dave, Kevin, Greg, Sherrie, Larry, Bobbi) we are truly grateful.  Thank you for your hospitality.

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) seminar was also a highlight.  Maria was able to skilfully present such a huge topic in just two days.  Many of the questions we had were answered, and we left the seminar more informed and in a better position to chart the way forward with RPL in our various institutions.

Zoran, as usual, you were there for us.  Thank you for caring and sharing.

Nicole, I’m glad you took this remarkable journey with me.  It is an experience we will remember.


Marlene Abraham-Finlay

Dean – School of Applied Arts and Technology

T. A. Marryshow Community College


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