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First, I want to thank to NSCC for hosting me, always provide me the best quality of their services and give me the best almost four months of my life.

First, when I gave the news that I would travel to Canada, my happiness was immense, because that would be the first time that I travel out of Peru and alone. I am sure that with this experience I have matured in many ways, personally, this has helped to be more open mind to learn and do new things, experiment and can see the differences between countries. The first day in the International Welcome, I was lucky to meet new people. That was an exciting moment because I realized that even if I am in Canada, I can know more about other cultures and traditions as Brazil, Korea, Syria, Dominican Republic, etc. I think it was the most important learning moment during my stay.

On the other hand, this program has become me more flexible to work in team, especially if I need to work with International people at the same time. That has been one of the skills that I have developed during my Restaurant Service Course.

Finally, this great experience has been very useful to improve more my English and develop knowledge to unwrap me in different environments

Definitively, if you have this excellent opportunity, don't let it pass you by, get as much information as you can and enjoy the experience!!!


Mary Deza Clavo – Culinary Arts, Akerley Campus

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