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My involvement in the solar water project with NSCC international was incredible. The opportunity alone to go out and see Tanzania first hand is indescribable. News stories and all the things people say can be blown a little out of proportion. It makes it seem intimidating and overwhelming especially with balancing school and prepping at the same time. Once you arrive everything will change, you will feel like a celebrity everyone is very nice especially at VETA. The people that you travel with, the teachers or the other students become friends in no time. You won’t be doing anything alone you will always have someone to help you. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and indulge in the culture, remember to get out and see the sights. Experiencing all that I did was amazing, I have no regrets I just wish I could have stayed longer and given more to the community. Two and a half weeks just doesn’t seem that long especially when gear goes missing and you don’t get it back until the third last day. Be prepared to use duck tape it will be your best friend. Most likely something will go wrong at least once so just be prepared to role with the punches and think on your feet. I believe this opportunity made me a more valuable asset to any company because through this experience I was able to improve my problem solving skills, teamwork, leadership, and confidence in general when working with others or by myself. Time will fly and then before you know it you will be home. There’s nothing worst then feeling like you missed out because you did not have the courage to go out and try things.

Matt Ferguson
Mechanical Engineering Technology Student
NSCC Ivany Campus

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