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My first experience with NSCC International was in 2002 when I was studying Computer Information Systems Networking at NSCC Truro Campus. I was selected to participate in an internship with the Ministry of Education in Belize. I knew I learned a lot, and I had a blast doing it, but I later realized that this introduction to international service learning changed my perception of the world and I draw on the skills and experience gained regularly. I still find myself blurting out phrases in Kriole.

This year was a new first… as a faculty member on a student project and again, I gained a new perspective. I observed students engaged in meaningful work and interacting with other students, staff and community members. Overcoming challenges and adjusting to new ideas and methods all contributed to the learning experience.

Our project work was exciting. Two NSCC Students worked with several VETA Mikumi students and staff to implement new network services, new wiring, and add wireless coverage. Though numerous challenges were faced, the result was a much-improved campus network with nearly 80% wireless coverage and a plan for future enhancements. We made great friends along the way and I was struck by the persistent entrepreneurial spirit. Our work was solution-driven and rarely problem-centric.

Some of the non-project highlights were our safari adventure, trekking to Sanje Falls in Udzungwa National Park, navigating the streets of Dar es Selaam and abundance of great food and drink. I chose to continue the adventure after  and travel to Moshi for a trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Through all the learning and adventure there is a common thread… the incredible hospitality and welcome (Karibu). “Karibu” is easily the most frequently heard Swahili word and I’m afraid the translation of “Welcome” does not do it justice. It’s hard to imagine a more welcoming place and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience it. #GoLearnGrow

Matt Redmond
NSCC IT Campus

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