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Studying in Canada and being exposed to the Canadian culture has been a unique experience for me.  A fact is that Canadian are very polite and one thing that really impacted me was when I first crossed the road and all the cars stopped waiting for the walkers to pass. Back home you would have to wait until there’s no car on the street to pass but here everyone will stop and let you go first.

Another thing that has amazed me is the weather because when I first arrived the temperature was really warm and I could go outside wearing a simple t-shirt but in just a couple of weeks, it started getting really cold. Now, I must wear at least four layers to go anywhere and it will still not be enough for me but I’m getting used to it slowly.

Being a student in Canada and get to experience its tourism industry has really motivated me to continue my career in tourism because here I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a lot of activities and meet hospitality teacher and industry professionals that has allowed me to improve my knowledge and skills.

Melissa Bolzonello Pérez, NSCC Tourism Management Student

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