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Michelle Small – A culinary passion that extends borders

Culinary Exchange with the Philippines – Imagine relocating to Canada from the Bahamas and collaborating on recipes with chefs and students in the Philippines; PRICELESS! The excitement of this experience has increased my confidence; improved my culinary ability and connected me to an amazing group of people who share a similar passion for developing a recipe using unique or uncommon ingredients and techniques. I have worked with most of the ingredients in our recipe exchange; however, the combinations have created a mental chart of pairing certain spices to create an elevated taste profile that represents the Filipino culture but can be easily incorporated to elevate local dishes.

I was drawn to this project because it offered what appeared to be a fun and creative way of stretching my knowledge and expanding and developing my skills while discovering new passions, gaining new insight; and sharing my culture and talents.  The opportunity to virtually experience a new type of cuisine was a motivational factor; the outline promised to build relationships in a fun; technology creative environment while learning new skills; using new ingredients and creating a new building block on my culinary journey. 

The fun take away would have to include the exciting music for the videos shared; tasting the finished product and the many takes to get the perfect shot or cooking segment.

Michelle Small

Culinary Management Student

NSCC Akerley Campus

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