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Doing Business in Europe – Thus far, my academic endeavours here in the Netherlands have been nothing short of amazing. People are friendly, the land is beautiful and the beers are cold. After two weeks it safe to say the day-to-day life is a little more routine.

I've really enjoyed the trip so far, my only complaint is that when we divide up the class and go on tours or trips we move around and look at things like tourists. I enjoy seeing the land marks and such but I feel as if the true Dutch experience will be realized when I bike to school, get lost once or twice and spend my time living like the locals do and not like a temporary summer student would. I seem to have the most fun when we derive from the group and adventure off on our own accord.

When the trip started none of us knew each other, but now I feel as if we've all become friends. Not to mention the people that we share a residence with are cool and has definitely added to our cultural experience  at this point.

Attached you'll find a picture that might not necessarily  sum up the trip, but it will certainly be one I look back on once it's all finished and I've returned home.

Mitch Miles

Business Administration Student

NSCC Waterfront campus


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