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International Nursing in Tanzania – After the first full week of being in Tanzania, and 5 days in Mikumi

My previous visits here helped to prepare me for the impact of cultural differences that we are exposed to.  Having someone in the group with experience is beneficial, as I found in my first visit here in 2010.  In addition, Kellie is here with us, who has a vast amount of experience and is most resourceful. 

Our project is a pilot project, exposing our first and second year nursing students to the environment in the local hospital. Having had limited communication and thus minimal direction prior to arriving, we are developing goals or outcomes as each day unfolds. Fortunately, the four participants are very adaptable and open to new ideas and experiences. As we become more familiar with our environment,  opportunities for learning will present more readily.

 Most of the nurses here at St Kizito are Registered Nurses with additional education in specialized areas such as anesthesia or midwifery. The hospital staff are most welcoming and invite us to the daily report of the current  patient population and recent challenges.  Everyone in attendance is invited to comment or make suggestions.  I am enjoying this experience and hope that we can make recommendations for future projects.

Monique Wood

Practical Nursing Faculty

NSCC, Waterfront Campus

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