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NSCC International Leadership Forum – I have attended a number of leadership programmes and they were all good. However, the most recent one which was in Halifax Canada under the facilitation of NSCC was very special.

Why special? The approaches and methodologies as used by facilitators were quite appealing to adult learners. The conducive learning environment, involvement in the process starting from the Strength Finding exercise to the actual interactions in groups/pairs and plenaries. I learned a lot from the forum participants. They were always eager to share their enormous experiences. It was fantastic! We ran short of time, but we had to end somewhere.

As a leader who has discovered his five top strengths and with the exposure to the use of appreciative inquiry approach I now find myself  in a better position to exploit valuable ideas in both formal and informal dialogue circles, learning cafes and open spaces. Mind you, in a good number of Afican tribes we used to sit around fire places outside during cold evening to listen to stories from elders, normally grandpas and grandmas! I believe this is still happening in the rural areas where this culture is still preserved and observed. Very similar to dialogue circles!

The concept of leadership in connection to ones strengths was very well articulated. My thinking about ones strengths has changed totally after learning that, it is not necessarily about what you can do perfectly, neither is it about sticking to Job Descriptions,  but rather looking at, and appreciating what one can do with vision, purpose and passion. With this concept in mind, it is easier and feasible to develop what one already possesses and appreciates – (nurturing the outstanding strengths).

In doing so, as a leader, I have widened my scope of looking ones,   performance including mine) in terms of success and satisfaction apart from achieving the set targets and goals.

My appreciations once again to organizers of the forum, the highly capable NSCC facilitators, and the always generous and ready to share participants.

Mr. Geoffrey Sabuni

Director of Assessment and Certification

Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA)


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