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My (first) international webinar

Indeed, these were my first international webinars. I came into the experience with no expectations; or maybe some, this may be like my online classes that I just finished. They were different. There was a good amount of preparation in a very short time but there was also a good amount of collaboration to bring forward an informative presentation. I am a social being, and the energy was positive among the team of presenters. Then, the fun began, ideas started to flourish with an intense desire to give it our all. Every detail of a good presentation was considered, and we gave our best– what a pleasure! To see the presentation coming together, delivering it and reflecting on it. At times I thought I could not do it but there was a commitment bigger than I: the school, the team, or colleagues on the other end – they too deserved our best.

Once again, in these international activities I’ve learnt so much about NSCC as an institution, and I’ve got closer to my role within the organization. Again, a beautiful opportunity to share with other teachers (and other professionals) our experience. But also, a point of reflection to get to know more about myself, to get to question the work I do and the quality of it. 

I felt closer to our colleagues in Peru and Chile. Despite not being in contact for some time, it was refreshing to interact “online”. I giggled every time I saw a familiar name. What a pleasure! Hopefully, the communication will continue. This is a new way, in unique times, but it is fulfilling an old need– connectiveness. 

Thank you NSCC International for the opportunity.

Wilber Menendez Sanchez

Faculty, School of Access, Education and Language

NSCC Ivany Campus

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