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My Grenada Experience

Being in Grenada as part of the NSCC team delivering Facilitating Adult Learning and Assessing and Evaluating Adult Learning has been an enriching experience for me.  The faculty and staff from TAMCC are open, engaged and creative.  Their hunger to learn and appreciation of this opportunity remind me that we sometimes take our many learning opportunities at NSCC for granted.  I return even more committed to being aware of and sharing this reality with others.

Our teaching and staff colleagues in Grenada, who co-facilitated as part of these train-the trainer modules, did excellent work and now feel prepared to continue on with the work in ways that TAMCC envisions.  In our daily debriefing sessions, the sharing of ideas, suggestions and questions allowed for a lively learning dialogue and exchange of learning, culture, fresh perspectives and even wonderful local fruits and spices…all appreciated by our team.

I leave knowing that we all return to our learning spaces and places with a deeper and broader understanding of adult learning, and an eagerness to apply our learning to make a difference in the lives of those we touch.

Maria Desjardins

Coordinator PLAR & Portfolio

Nova Scotia Community College

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