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Our adventure set off to a rough start, having a delayed flight, which cost us two full days of travelling including a very cramped five hour bus ride to our final destination. With such a rocky start I could only be worried about what the remainder of the trip would entail. I have been pleasantly surprised with our activities ever since. Tide Tours has done an amazing job of accommodating our group. We eat at a different place each night and the food has all been great!

This week I travelled to three different schools, where Kristie and myself went into a number of classes with activities involving hand washing and oral hygiene. Going into this project we had limited information about the schools facilities, and their background knowledge around basic hygiene. All of the classes ceased to amaze me when they knew to brush their teeth three times a day, and every time I missed washing my hands during a skit. Instead of teaching about basic hygiene it became more of a reinforcement. It was so rewarding to see such beautiful, bright children take something away from us, but also for us to take something away as well.

This opportunity has proven that I am able to adapt to new situations. Our first day at the schools was tough not knowing how much background these children already had, we managed to assess the situation and grow our lesson plan, and as the classes progressed the children became more interactive.

Nicole Boyd

Pharmacy Technology Student

NSCC, Waterfront

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