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Coming to Canada has always been a dream of mine, so when the opportunity presented itself to actually come here to attend school, I embraced it without any reservation. I took to the internet to find out more information especially about Nova Scotia because it would be the place that I was going to call home for the next academic year. I also contacted friends who lived in Canada to get more information about the general lifestyle and what to expect. At the tip of everyone’s tongue was the weather.

When I got to Halifax at 3 a.m. I literally shivered when I stepped out for the first time, COLD! It was the first of many, but the experiences so far have overshadowed the initial one. Being here has exposed me to a lot. The friends that I have made and the events that I have attended such as the ‘Learners & Leaders’ conference have really left a great impression upon me. I have come to appreciate people for who they are and not what my perception of them is.

I have visited so many locations, from Pier 21 to Benjamin Bridge Winery in the Gaspereau Valley…talk about a beautiful landscape. I would have never guessed that The Maritimes hid such wonderful locations. I am thankful for this opportunity and bracing myself for the winter.


Nigel Peters

Tourism Management Student

NSCC-Akerley Campus

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