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Social Entrepreneurship Program in Vietnam – "All of the things I need for happiness. A tiny little plastic stool, check. Tiny little plastic table, check. Something delicious in a bowl, check." 

The late Anthony Bourdain on what was one of his favourite places in the world, Vietnam. I am a food lover, first and foremost, but the food culture here in Vietnam is unlike any place I have ever been.

On the first day, I was invited by fellow Tra Vinh University students for dinner. We sat down on the side of the road at a welcoming but makeshift table. I didn't order, one person ordered, I didn't get my lone dish to eat, I got to eat some of everyone's food. It was like an instant family.

On the side of the road, motorcycles fly by with no end, but you get to see glimpses of so many peoples live's as you sit out on a warm night. 

But today something that nearly made me emotional happened. My new but close friend Julien ask for me to come to his home village to meet his family, generations of his family. So I endured the over an hour motorcycle ride along farm fields in the beating sun with a sore butt and made it to be greeted by his mother with open arms and a hot bowl of soup.

I ventured down a dirt road, I met aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbours, local children swarmed me. I was shown pigeon traps, sweet potato fields, and unknown fruits were handed to me constantly. 

It was easily the most spectacular day of my life

Noah Widmeyer

Radio & Television Journalism Student

NSCC Ivany Campus

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