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Nova Scotia Study Tour – The Kenyan PerspectiveCanada

Kenya Education for Employment Program – When we think about all the wonders of Canada’s Nova Scotia province – the magnificent landscape, beautiful country side, picturesque streets, and rich history – we are especially awed by the absorbing friendliness and warmth of its people, evident from our arrival through to departure. Not to mention the wonderful vineyards, wine tasting during the tour was the bomb.

During our study tour at the NSCC, we experienced how college programmes are designed and made useful to students through close collaboration between Colleges and industries. Firms are involved in designing programmes, funding academic research and providing hands-on experience to students through internships. Of particular significance to Kenya’s KUCCPS, was how focused career mentorship and marketing of courses are well designed and conducted at the NSCC. We also picked the importance of following up on graduates to determine whether their eventual careers were properly aligned and getting them to tell their stories to encourage others.

At the CBIE conference, we got an international perspective of managing higher education and the importance of internationalising education. To cap it off, we made valuable contacts and networks that will be useful for future partnerships.

And lastly, food for thought: a colleague is still super excited for having seen lobsters on a dining table for the first time. Asante sana to Katie, Kellie, Zoran and to everyone involved.

"Team Kenya"

Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service

John Muraguri (CEO)

Edna Adala

Maxwell Okoth



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