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NSCC International Impact Award Winners 2019

2019 NSCC International Impact Awards Winners

On Friday October 25th2019 from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm at the Akerley Campus Theatre we will be holding the 3rdannual NSCC International Learning Summit including awards and student and employee panels on the impact of international learning at NSCC.  For those not able to join in person, the event will be broadcast on facebook live .

Please join me in congratulating the following students and employees who will be recognized for their contributions to international learning at NSCC:

Student International Impact Awards:

Katherine Gutscher – BA student, Ivany Campus – Doing Business in Europe program in The Netherlands – Best blog on an international learning program

Daniel Lee – Electronic Engineering Technology student, Ivany campus from South Korea – Best blog on experience as an international student at NSCC 

Jean Marc Samson – Electrical Engineering Technology 2019 graduate, Ivany Campus – Solar Innovations Project in Tanzania –International Learning Program award – for a student who participated in a NSCC International Learning Program and demonstrated the most impact before, during and after their program

Enilda Pérez – Graphic & Print Production student, Ivany Campus & International Student Ambassador Coordinator from the Dominican Republic – International student award – for a student who has had a meaningful impact on international and immigrant student experience at NSCC

Employee International Impact Awards:

Wilber Menendez Sanchez – Faculty, School of Access, Education and Language, Ivany Campus – Technical Assistance Award – awarded to an employee who has been engaged in a NSCC International technical assistance project and has demonstrated the application of their international learning into their work at NSCC

Ronan O’Driscoll – Faculty, School of Technology & Environment, IT Campus – IT Solutions project in Tanzania–International Learning ProgramAward – for an employee who has led a NSCC International learning program and demonstrated the most impact before, during and after their program

Jenny McLean – Student Services Advisor, Akerley & IT Campuses– International Student Experience Award – for an employee who has had a meaningful impact on international student experience at NSCC 

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