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NSCC works with Partners in Grenada

We are nearing the end of our week in Grenada working with our colleagues at TAMCC. It has been a privlege to work with a great group of colleagues from NSCC: Larry Bergeron, Kris Jacobsen and Zoran Kondali. Each of these people are true experts and professionals that care deeply about the work they do.
Grenada is a beautiful country – it's mountainous, green, bountiful, sandy, friendly and welcoming. This is a country rich in culture and history and is the perfect setting for the program in Cultural and Creative Industries that our institutions are working together to create.
I really enjoyed seeing Kris and Larry in action as they facilitated sessions through the week helping our TAMCC colleagues develop the program description, guiding principles, themes and a preliminary course list. Kris and Larry have really connected with the core team at TAMCC and a true collaborative partnership is unfolding based on shared enthusiasm and a love of teaching and learning. Zoran's hard work in developing this partnership is evident.
I appreciated the opportunity to join this team to facilitate sessions on Portfolio Learning and how it can be incorporated throughout the new Associate degree program in Cultural/Creative Industries at TAMCC. Our colleagues here have embraced the concept and practice of portfolio learning and I was excited to hear the ideas flowing about the evidence of learning that the students and faculty could produce from this exciting new program at TAMCC.

Ashley Pinsent-Tobin
Manager, International Learning Programs
NSCC International

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