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International Tourism in Ireland – Today we drove the famous Ring of Kerry. The drive is a beautiful scenic drive along a 179km circular route.

Throughout our time in Ireland almost everyone we speak to asks us about the other places we are visiting while on holiday. When we mention Killarney they immediately ask if we are doing the Ring of Kerry and are thrilled when we say yes. This has given me really high expectations of the route and wasn't disappointed. It was stunning! We made several stops along the way to take pictures, explore and eat lunch. There were lots of neat people stopped at the main view points along the drive. We saw a man with a donkey and a dog that road on the back of it and a man with baby sheep that we got to pick up. He also had a baby red deer that was thirty days old. They were so cute and I think after seeing them we all wanted a baby sheep of our own!

Near the end of the drive we stopped at Killarney National Park. There we saw a huge torc waterfall that we all explored and took pictures of.

The rest of the day, in Killarney was free time to explore. I spend my afternoon visiting shops around the town. The people here are so friendly. If you appear to be lost, which lets be honest we usually are, they will ask if you need help finding something and then direct you to where you need to go. They will also help you cross challenging streets by jumping out and stopping traffic.

We have had great weather while in Killarney which has made it one of my favourite towns thus far.

Nyla Frank-Rodgers

Tourism Management Student

NSCC Kingstec Student

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