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Hi everyone my name is Oliver and I absolved the social services program at NSCC Ivany campus this semester. For me as naturelover canada was always on my bucket list so I took the chance to spend one semester in this beatiful country.

My journey started with a little incident on the vienna airport with my pasport which resulted in that I missed my flight. Few days later and some euros less I arrived finally in canada.

Two days after my arrival I had my first school day at the NSCC Community College. I just can rembember that I was  nervous as I entered the classroom though this feeling was soon gone when I met my friendly and supportive classmates and teachers. It took me a while to get used to the language and the new environment but when I finished my facilitation in front of a class I knew it was the right decision. 

What I also noticed that almost all canadians that I met were really friendly almost too friendly sometimes ;).

It was quiet busy for me the last 3  months due to that I still had to write some pages for my bachelor thesis but at the end everything worked out well. I also found time to spend some awesome days in the national parks. One of my highlights were definitely that i could take part in a traditional sweat lodge ceremony under the guidance of gerry who is a first nation shaman. In total it was a challenging but exciting time that I wouldn’t wanna miss in my lifetime. All the best!

Oliver Klement

Social Service

Ivany Campus

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