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International Tourism in Ireland – A day in Dublin

We started off the day bright and early because we wanted to get a good start on the day! Even before we came we knew that there were two places for sure we wanted to visit in Dublin, the Zoo and the Wax museum. We started off by figuring out what bus we would have to catch to get all the way out of town to the zoo. We ending up figurin it out surprisingly and caught it just on time. It took us about 15 mins on the bus to get there and we were pretty glad that we took the bus because we realized there would be no way we would have mangaged to navigate our way through the town all the way there. We took our time goin through the zoo beacse we wanted to see everything. We left the zoo a little before lunch, caught the bus back and explored the city and spend the last pennys we had in our pockets and spent it all mostly in Penny's. We then tried to navigate our way around Dublin to try to find the wax museum and half an hour later we found it! We had a fun time in there, everything was so life like and realistic. We ended off the day with more exploring the city of Dublin and having our last supper in Ireland. The whole trip was an experience with ups and downs but mostly ups. Navigating was a challenge in its own but there is nothing better than getting lost and finding your way back. Lots of friends made, laughs had, drinks shared and memories made.

Oree Weatherby

Tourism Management Student

NSCC Pictou Campus

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