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Our Nova Scotia Experience from TanzaniaCanada


We declare to recognize the valuable role which was played by Government of Canada and Government of Tanzania for embracing the collaboration between Canadian Institutions and that in Tanzania which aimed at skills development, employment promotion and Technology sharing.

We would like also to express our heartfelt appreciation to GAC, Cican and NSCC for their tireless efforts and resources commitment to ensure realization of this wonderful Partnership.

Our Experience in Canada during Leadership and Management Training

17th November, 2017

We attended Leadership and Management training which was held at NSCC – Ivany Campus. The training was facilitated by Jose Nolle from Seneca College.

Participants were drawn from NCC Partner Institutions. The training was very interactive and participants had a room to contribute through giving their views over the issues under discussion.


  • History is an instrument to remind us of the past, appreciate the present and plan for the future. (Experiential Learning)
  • As a leader, sometimes you have to expect unexpected. It therefore prompt leaders to have plan B in case plan A fails to give expected results.
  • “Thinking outside the box” is very important. Doing things in a different way can unlock avenues for success.
  • Try + Try + Try again is a motive to ensure that the objectives are attained even if the prevailing environment is not very much favorable. Interventions can be made to remove barriers.
  • As a leader, managing change is one of the issues to handle. This can be done through:
  • Creating sense of urgency
  • Enable actions by removing barriers
  • Building guiding coalition
  • Forming strategic visions
  • Generating short term wins
  • Coaching – Realizing person’s potentials to maximize their own performance.
  • Function as a team by:
  • Sharing common identity
  • Having common performance objectives
  • Exercising mutual accountability
  • Appreciate complimentary skills and
  • Shift from “me” to “we”

18th November, 2017

NSCC arranged Agricultural tourism. Participants visited two (2) Winery Industries namely Wolfville and Port Williams.


  • Interesting history of winery industry in Nova Scotia and the concept of try, try and try again because the first product was not that much appealing.
  • The enabling environment by the government to facilitate establishment of vineyards.

19th November, 2017

James Kerr took us (Tanzanian Participants) around Halifax and eventually to a very famous tourist attraction namely Peggy’s Cove. It was a wonderful tour and learning event.


  • Hospitality and warm reception extended to us by people of Halifax, particularly NSCC family. We would like to appreciate the team for its tireless efforts to ensure that our stay in Halifax was a wonderful experience. The list is but not limited to:
  • Katie Orr
  • Kellie McMullin
  • Zoran Kondali
  • Ashley Pinsent-Tobin
  • James Kerr
  • Tony Dorrian


20th – 22nd November 2017 – CBIE Conference


  • Importance of Students Education Mobility (Study Abroad Concept)
  • Intercultural engagement as necessary ingredient to strengthen International Collaboration

Global education provision for global workforce i.e. streamlining education and training in global context.

Christopher Ayo, Prinipal, Mikumi VTC

Mathew Kanza, Regional Director, VETA Eastern Zone

Emmanuel Munuo, Training Coordinator, Mikumi VTC

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