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I have been studying at NSCC which is like my home in Nova Scotia for a year and a half. The most memorable experience I have was the course at Fresh 21. One time, because of my negligence, a plate slipped from my hand. The loud noise made me so embarrassed, and I wanted to disappear immediately, but the classmates and teachers who worked together came to help me deal with the broken plates as quickly as possible, and they all came to encourage me. Whenever I think of that moment, I feel warm at the bottom of my heart.

The most interesting cultural is about Valentine’s Day. In our country, only the lover will send gifts to each other at that day, but here, in the school, the street is full of love atmosphere, and the children will give gifts to each other. It’s a “big” love.

I am full of harvest in NSCC, not only improve my English communication skills but also systematically get the knowledge of tourism management, which gives me a clearer plan of my future career. I am so lucky to live and study in my first home in Nova Scotia-NSCC!

Penny Pan

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